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Spirit Building

Spirit Building Programs are fun-based events designed to get all participants to laugh, relax and enjoy themselves.

Spirit Building Programs are fun-based events designed to get all participants to laugh, relax and enjoy themselves. These events are set up to create a fun, energetic vibe for all participants. Spirit building events are designed for all types of people, groups and dynamics.

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Box Cart Derby

Put yourself in the drivers seat with this thrilling team activity, your team will build and decorate your very own box cart, you will then race your team to victory in your newly build and decorated push cart, race against rival teams with a custom build track and in race activities.

  • Minimum of 16 pax
  • 3 to 4 hours programme
  • No under 18

Island Style Games

Let the games begin! Presented over a PA system, our Island Style Games sets teams off in race lanes in a themed arena. Teams are tasked to perform chants, songs or dances like the Haka. Creativity and all round performance is judged by the team with the best cheers. If you’re looking for fun, laughs and high spirits – this is the event for you!

Games to expect:

  • Tumble Race – relay race rolling over barrels, popping water balloons and sliding under nets
  • Flipper – put on a wacky costume, waddle over to an inflatable baby pool and pop balloons
  • Barrel of fun – fill a barrel in the fastest and carrying to a destination (Venue must have a pool)

Inflatable Run

Teamwork, communication and planning are the key to getting your team through this truly extreme course. Unlimited Entertainment Staff man each Inflatable, keeping it safe and exciting. This is a physical event and them variety of inflatables offer different obstacles with twists and turns to make you laugh at the muscles you never thought you had. You will be amazed at the feeling of freedom tumbling like a child again!

Our inflatable obstacle course is interspersed with fun, interactive events and brainteasers to ensure a little something for everyone. A choice of 4 – 6 inflatables and interactive games are included with anUnlimited Events Entertainment marshal and facilitator at each inflatable. Our MC/commentator creates excitement and vibe while the teams run the gauntlet.

Run Forrest, Run!

Noval Quest

The Novel Quest is a thrilling treasure hunt designed to get groups to analyse their performance. This spirit building event gets teams navigating around venues in the pursuit of completing tasks and challenges against the clock. Fun picture puzzles and creative tasks drive teams to think out of the box. While having to work together to complete a final objective,


  • 2 to 3 hour programme
  • Minimum of 10 pax
  • No age restriction
  • Instructor will be on hand to monitor the activity.

Race Against Time

Given clues, teams are tasked to navigate themselves around a venue to complete a mission throughout within a limited time. Once teams have successfully completed all eight tasks, they will be given the opportunity to repeat tasks for bonus points.

  • 8 Teams
  • 8 challenges
  • 1 goal – beat the clock
  • Teams can consist of 8 – 15 members
  • Tailored to accommodate specific needs, group size, venue, budget and athleticism

Event tasks could include:

  • Cocktails of the world
  • Photo tasks
  • Choose your weapon
  • Puzzled
  • Quiz tasks
  • Water towers
  • Water worx challenge

Travel Quest

Let the unlimited events entertainment team take you and your team on a wild ride spanning huge distance and many cultural lessons, you will need to go from checkpoint to checkpoint solving clues and completing challenges as you go the only way to move forward is to complete a challenge or solve a clue, you will have an unforgettable experience on your journey to victory with the unlimited events crew.


  • 5 to 6 hours
  • 300 max minimum 10 pax
  • No age restriction
  • Instructor will be on hand to monitor activities
  • Vehicles will not be supplied but can be arranged